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6 Prompts to Design an AI Workout Plan with ChatAI

Finding the right workout plan can sometimes feel like a never-ending quest. Enter ChatAI, your virtual personal trainer, capable of designing a custom AI-generated workout program tailored exclusively to your fitness goals and requirements.

ChatAI Expert Nov 10, 2023

Finding the right workout plan can sometimes feel like a never-ending quest. From sifting through countless online resources to finding a personal trainer who understands your fitness needs, it’s difficult to find the right solution.

Enter ChatAI, your virtual personal trainer, capable of designing a custom AI-generated workout program tailored exclusively to your fitness goals and requirements. With the power of AI, you can fast-track your way to achieving your fitness goals.

Whether you feel uninspired at the gym, are apprehensive about fitness plans available online, or seek more than a random workout generator, ChatAI is your new go-to. 

Your AI-powered personal trainer will learn all about you, your goals, preferences, and limitations to create the best AI workout plan for you. Let’s look at how you can leverage this innovative tool for your personal life and not only work tasks.

A Quick Prompt to Create a Killer AI Workout

We all know have those days when your motivation at the gym is lukewarm or you’re too tired to think of a good workout. However, when you just use a random workout generator you find online, it might not give you the effect you’re looking for. 

That’s when you should turn to ChatAI, your AI workout generator that allows you to create a custom workout to your specific needs and goals. 

Give this prompt a whirl: “Suggest a workout for me that I can finish within [insert desired time frame] that targets my [insert body part focus], includes [insert workout structure, if you have a preference, such as “supersets”] and includes a little bit of cardio too. I have this equipment available: [insert your equipment].”

How To Turn ChatAI Into Your Personal Trainer in 6 Steps

Generating a quick AI workout when you feel uninspired is an easy solution. However, true fitness progress cannot be achieved with generic, one-size-fits-all workouts. At the same time, hiring a fitness trainer can be costly in terms of time and resources. 

ChatAI presents an effective solution. In just 6 simple steps, you can use ChatAI to create a custom working program tailored to your goals. Here’s how:

1. Set Up Your Fitness Interview with your ChatAI Trainer

Creating an impactful and personalized fitness plan starts with familiarizing ChatAI with your individual needs, fitness aspirations, and current health status. This process kicks off with the AI asking you a series of questions. Consider this as an in-depth consultation with a professional trainer.

Prompt: “You are an expert personal trainer and nutritionist who is going to help me reach my health and fitness goals. To get started, ask me a list of at least 15-20 questions about everything you need to know about me to create a tailor-made fitness and nutrition plan for me. Make sure you include questions about my goals, limitations, and preferences.”

Once you have the questions, fill in your answers as if it was a questionnaire. Your honest and thoughtful responses fuel ChatAI to curate a workout program that’s specific and suitable for you

Prompt: “Here are my responses to your questions: [copy-paste the entire survey with questions and your answers] Please confirm you’ve read and understood my responses, and let me know if you have any additional questions.”

2. Ask ChatAI to Create a Custom Workout Program

Once ChatAI is armed with comprehensive information about your fitness needs, it can draw on these insights to draft your perfect AI workout plan. Ensure you include the desired length of the program, the frequency, and any other preferences you might have.

Prompt: “Using the information provided above, create a [insert desired length] workout program tailored to my goals and preferences. Make sure that each strength training workout consists of 4 exercises that target all major muscle groups and match my fitness level.”

3. Generate an AI Diet Plan


Fitness is a holistic endeavor, and diet plays a significant role. It supplements your workout regime, provides the necessary fuel to your body, and aids recovery. The good news is that you can consult ChatAI to be your AI meal planner too.  

Prompt: “Using the information provided above, create a custom nutrition plan tailored to my goals and preferences. Provide at least 3 different options for each meal and snack and include the calories and nutrition profile for each one.”

4. Get Recovery and Rest-Day Tips

Rest and recovery are equally as crucial as the workout itself in any fitness journey. They ensure muscle repair and growth and prevent burnout. So don’t forget to use ChatAI to ask for recovery activities perfectly in line with your fitness level, strain, and hobbies.

Prompt:Based on my provided information and exercise preferences suggest techniques and activities to help me recover effectively on my rest days. Include recommendations for stretching, yoga, or mobility exercises, as well as tips for optimizing sleep and reducing stress.”

5. Ask for Motivational and Progress Tracking Tips

Tracking progress is pivotal in a fitness journey. It instills motivation, marks milestones, helps identify areas of improvement, and maintains an overall positive momentum. Utilize ChatAI to establish short-term goals, set milestones, and get motivational tips along the way. 

Prompt: “Using the insights from my provided information and personalized fitness plan, offer me guidance on how to effectively track my progress and stay motivated throughout the program. Include insights on setting short-term goals, celebrating achievements, and overcoming challenges.”

6. Review and Refine Your Plan

Taking a moment to assess and refine your workout program is critical. Ensure your AI workout plan generator embraces variety, progress, and balance. 

At the same time, fitness is not static. As you progress, challenges shift, strengths develop, and preferences evolve. To keep your workout program effective and gratifying, it’s essential to review and revise it for better alignment with your changing needs. 

Prompt: “Review my current plan and suggest necessary refinements based on the following feedback, performance, and changing fitness goals: [insert feedback and modifications].”

Bonus Prompt for Targeted Gains

If you’re chasing a particular fitness goal, like mastering chin-ups, improving your mile run, jumping higher, or focusing on a specific body part, ask ChatAI to assist in creating a dedicated training regime to help you achieve it faster.

Prompt: “Develop a workout regimen focused on enhancing [specific goal/body part] while ensuring overall body balance and progress. Provide a progression plan with strength conditioning exercises and a timeline.”

Top 5 Strategies for Creating a Winning Workout Plan with ChatAI

Navigating the journey towards your fitness goals with AI becomes seamless when adopting these strategies:

  • Be Clear And Specific: When crafting your prompts, ensure they are clear and specific. This enables ChatAI to become your AI diet planner and create a workout program that matches your expectations.
  • Stay Consistent: Stay patient and don’t expect the results to come overnight. Plus, as you go through the program, don’t be afraid to ask ChatAI to tweak your workout in line with your progress.
  • Be Flexible: Embrace new challenges in your workout routine, and be open to trying new things and developing fresh skills. 
  • Challenge Yourself: Strive to push your boundaries, but ask ChatAI to adapt your routine, if it doesn’t match your current skills.
  • Listen to Your Body: Respect your body’s signals and make changes to the AI workout as you see fit. Striking balance promotes optimum results.

Follow these steps and make ChatAI your personal fitness trainer. Whether you’re just having a dull day at the gym or need a holistic program that meets your needs, ChatAI can help you achieve your fitness goals. Do you know a fitness enthusiast who would find this helpful? Share the article with them and help them tap into AI for better performance and more interesting workouts.

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