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How to Write a Prompt Part 4: Using Examples for Better AI Results

If you are trying to improve your AI prompt writing skills, you’re at the right place! It’s time for Round 4 of our much-loved blog series where we give you our best tips and tricks on ‘How to Write a Prompt.’  In the previous posts, we’ve already talked about the essential structure of a prompt, […]

ChatAI Expert Nov 29, 2023

If you are trying to improve your AI prompt writing skills, you’re at the right place! It’s time for Round 4 of our much-loved blog series where we give you our best tips and tricks on ‘How to Write a Prompt.’ 

In the previous posts, we’ve already talked about the essential structure of a prompt, the best practices to follow, and the importance of making your prompts clear and concise. So check them out if you need a quick refresher.  

Today, we have another treat for you. We’re diving headfirst into an advanced technique that’s set to majorly up your AI prompt game.

It’s because when it comes to engaging with ChatAI, it likes a bit of “show and tell”. By presenting examples of the desired sample output or work, you guide the AI chat assistant toward understanding your expectations and style.

But how do examples improve your AI results? That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this article. We’ll reveal how you can bring bang-on precision, a vivid contextual understanding, and variability in your ChatAI results—making your conversations even more insightful and tailored to your needs. Let’s see how it works!

The Art of Show and Tell

“Show and Tell” is the act of providing examples for the AI model to reference. By providing examples of your desired output, you give ChatAI a better understanding of what you expect. This approach equips the AI with concrete context and helps it generate results that closely match your requirements.

How to Incorporate Examples into Your Prompts

Understanding how to effectively incorporate examples into your prompts can go a long way in enhancing your AI results. Here’s a quick illustration of how you can make this happen:

Prompt: “Here is a book review of ‘The Example Book’: ‘This book is a masterpiece that skillfully blends fantasy and adventure, keeping readers hooked from start to finish.’ Now, write a similar book review for ‘Your Book’s Title’ with this plot: <insert a brief summary>.”

In this example, you’re giving ChatAI a clear blueprint to follow when writing a book review. By supplying a sample review, you show the AI what you expect in terms of structure, tone, and style.

Using Examples Can 3x Your AI Chatbot’s Results

Incorporating examples into your prompts packs three essential benefits into your AI interactions. This trinity is the key to unlocking optimal AI results. Let’s explore each of these advantages:

1. Precision: Hitting the Bullseye

The primary advantage of using examples is that they enable the AI to better emulate your intended style, ensuring precise and accurate outputs. By offering a sample, you create a roadmap that the AI model can follow. This eliminates much of the guesswork, resulting in sharp and targeted responses from your AI chat assistant.

For instance, let’s say you’re using ChatAI to create better social media posts and you want the chatbot to write a social media caption that aligns with your brand’s cheerful and motivational tone. Consider providing an example of the style you’re looking for, like this:

  • Prompt: “Write a motivational social media caption for a fitness post. Example: ‘Remember, every workout counts! Push yourself today for a stronger and healthier tomorrow. 🏋️💪’ Now, create a similar caption for a post about healthy eating.”

By providing a vivid example, you’ll increase the chance that the generated caption aligns with your brand’s style.

2. Contextual Understanding: The Power of Concrete Examples

The more context you provide, the better your AI outputs will be. These examples help reduce guesswork by clarifying your intentions, fine-tuning the outputs, and ensuring better relevance to your needs.

For example, you might ask ChatAI to assist with coming up with creative event themes for your next party or summer cookout.

  • Prompt: “Generate a list of five unique and engaging event themes for a summer corporate retreat. Check out these examples for inspiration:

    Tropical Paradise: Create an oasis with beach decorations, palm trees, and fruity cocktails.

    Casino Night: Revive Las Vegas by setting up casino tables, poker games, and slot machines.”

Providing these examples clarifies your expectations, guiding ChatAI toward generating relevant and imaginative theme ideas.

3. Variation: Unlocking the Creative Potential of AI

Presenting diverse examples from various sources allows the AI to adapt to different tones, styles, and contexts. Consequently, ChatAI produces a broader spectrum of creative ideas, appealing to a wider range of preferences.

For instance, if you need ChatAI to suggest different gift ideas for your customers, try offering examples that encompass different preferences and styles.

  • Prompt: “Generate a list of five thoughtful gift ideas for our customers. Here are some diverse examples to inspire you:

    Personalized wooden cutting board: Beautiful and functional, this gift would be perfect for cooking enthusiasts.

    Indoor gardening kit: A creative and calming gift for nature lovers and green thumbs.”

By offering diverse examples, you’re essentially giving your AI chat assistant the green light to explore beyond the obvious and cater to a wide variety of taste preferences.

Experience the Remarkable Difference

Now that you understand this advanced technique when writing your prompts, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to use! 

Armed with this nifty technique, go ahead and spice up your ChatAI prompts. You’ll soon notice an extraordinary difference in the results, and wonder how you ever lived without it. And if you’re interested in finding out more about how to train AI chatbot to write like you, read this article

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