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The Ultimate Guide to Making AI Cartoon Art

Did you used to dream about creating your own cartoon universe when you were young? With ChatAI’s powerful Stable Diffusion text-to-image models, you not only have the power to create AI art but also to give life to your wildest cartoon fantasies. Grab your virtual crayons and come along for a wild ride!

ChatAI Expert Dec 09, 2023

Did you used to dream about creating your own cartoon universe when you were young? Whether it’s cute princesses from enchanted realms or misfit aliens from the far reaches of the cosmos, your imagination can now become reality with AI. 

With ChatAI’s powerful Stable Diffusion text-to-image models, you not only have the power to create AI art but also to give life to your wildest cartoon fantasies. So, grab your virtual crayons and come along for a wild ride into the boundless world of animated art!

That’s right, ChatAU is not only a tool to help you speed up your workflow or create the best social media strategy. You can also unleash the inner artist you’ve always known you were! 

It’s time to create a dream cartoon universe from your wildest fantasies or a world that your kids would marvel at. Visualize your childhood memories and watch as ChatAI breathes life into them through captivating cartoon art.

5 Simple Steps to Making AI Cartoon Art

Before we hit ‘play’ and start recreating your favorite characters from Disney or your favorite anime series with Stable Diffusion, let’s break down the essential steps required to create the toon of your dreams!

Step One: Imagine Your AI Cartoon Character

Creating a character might have only been accessible to designers and animators, but with ChatAI, the world is your animated oyster. Let your imagination steer the ship here and imagine your character first, before trying to craft your prompt. This could be a sassy princess, a resourceful alien, or a rebellious misfit. 

Not only will this extend the boundaries of your creativity, but by imagining the character first, you will be able to better delegate your vision to an AI and have more clarity on its details and unique traits.

Step Two: Set the Scene


Scenes are more than just backdrops. They shape your character’s lifestyle, values, and decisions while setting the mood for their adventures. 

Is your character more at home in a frantic, high-tech cityscape, or the serene valleys of countryside living? Or perhaps they pilot a hip through the unfeeling voids of outer space, dodging asteroids and engaging in intergalactic battles? 

Including a scene in your AI prompt will make your character more unique, and vibrant and ultimately result in better artistic outputs from ChatAI.

Step Three: Pick Your AI Cartoon Style

Ren and Stimpy style AI cartoon art

Whether you grew up marveling at the magical worlds of Disney, or found joy in the absurd hilarity of Cartoon Network, or love Ren & Stimpy, reflecting on these different styles can be a tremendous inspirational source.

Don’t be afraid to explore something entirely new and unique, just like how countless cartoonists have done before you. A good tip is to reference different cartoon artists, shows, comic strips, or comic books to guide ChatAI.

Step Four: Think of a Backstory

It’s the backstory that truly adds magic to the characters, shaping their appearance, expressions, and mannerisms. An AI can go a long way in helping shape these backstories, offering cues and prompts that can inspire you to create a more elaborate and detailed history for your characters.

Step Five: Utilise AI Image Filters


To elevate your characters and bring them to life in stunning detail, take advantage of filters in your AI prompt. Filters can include specific color schemes, intricate patterns, or close-up details that emphasize unique features. 

Selecting the right filter to complement your prompt will enhance your AI cartoon art and create richer illustrations while adding a touch of personal, creative flair. By using filters, you’ll be able to create an environment that supports your character’s backstory and enhance your AI cartoon art.

Learn 5 Cool AI Cartoon Styles

Now that we’re all set, let’s explore the five example AI cartoon styles and learn how you can customize your prompts to generate a character of a girl using ChatAI.

1. Anime Extravaganza

Known for their emotional depth and boundary-pushing themes, Japanese anime series have cultivated an ardent global following. The art style is distinguished by its vibrant color palette, dynamic characters, and often futuristic settings. 

Enter its unique world with ChatAI by using this prompt: “A young anime cartoon girl with sparkling oversized eyes, walking on a footpath surrounded by futuristic buildings and one Yellow color cab that looked straight out of a sci-fi anime, detailed, 4K.”

2. Cartoon Network Fun

Boasting a variety of shows brimming with creativity, quirkiness, and edgy humor, Cartoon Network’s influence on the world of animation is immeasurable. The channel’s style is instantly recognizable for its bold outlines, exaggerated shapes, and palpable playful energy. 

Unleash your own Cartoon Network-inspired creation with this prompt: “A zany and mischievous cartoon character of a girl in a Cartoon Network style bouncing across the screen with bold outlines and exaggerated features, bringing a playful energy in a colorful world.”

3. Disney Magic


Disney has a magical reputation for creating characters that children and adults alike can resonate with. Its unique style brings together charm, emotion, and adventure wrapped in a spectrum of vivacious colors. 

Create your own magic inspired by your Disney cartoon list with this prompt: “Moana style, a playful and mischievous Disney character of a girl with a contagious sense of humor and a love for pranks. This character has a mischievous grin, twinkling eyes, and a playful demeanor. They are often seen in colorful and whimsical attire that reflects their fun-loving nature. Their color palette includes bright and energetic shades, such as vibrant oranges, electric greens, and sunny yellows.”

Pro tip: To truly capture that distinctive Disney charm, feel free to swap out “Moana” with your favorite Disney cartoon list to serve as inspiration for your creation.

4. AI Marvel Adventures


Supercharged with action, tons of emotion, and epic tales of good versus evil, Marvel characters have won hearts worldwide. From Spider-Man’s agile athleticism to Thor’s godly might, each character presents a unique graphical style. 

Explore your own Marvel-ous adventure with a prompt like: “A courageous superhero cartoon character of a girl in Marvel cartoon style with a strong build, meticulously detailed costume equipped with futuristic gadgets, in the midst of a fiery battle.”

5. Master the Simpsons AI Cartoon Style

The Simpsons’ groundbreaking style combines satire and heartfelt storytelling with a distinctive visual charm. The simplistic lines and bright, bold color palette have helped make these unforgettable characters globally recognizable. Now you can create any person to add to the Simpsons universe.

Bring the Springfield charm to your art with a prompt like: Create a Simpsons cartoon version of [ insert Person or Personality] by incorporating their distinctive features and personality traits into the classic Simpsons style with bright yellow skin and signature blue hair, use bold and bright colors, with attention to detail on facial expressions and body language, that capture the essence of the character in a playful, authentic, and humorous way.”

Let’s Get Creative

Armed with these powerful AI prompts, your journey to creating your dream cartoon with Stable Diffusion is already in full swing. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just want to dabble in drawing, ChatAI can help you envision and execute your ideas more efficiently.

So why wait? Jump into the vibrant world of animated art and make some cartoon magic!

Before we go, can we ask you a favor? If you enjoyed this guide, we’d love it if you could share it with others who might also benefit from it. It’s always great to encourage more people to dip their toes in the vibrant world of cartoon art!

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